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Baptism & Wedding Policies

Baptism and Wedding Policy

We are glad that you are interested in either a Church wedding or a baptism, sometimes called a christening. 


Baptisms usually take place at 12 noon, after the morning service, on the first Sunday of each month. 

Parents bringing babies and children for baptism will be invited to a baptism preparation session. These usually take place at St Saviour's, Brockenhurst, on Saturday mornings. Adults requesting baptism may have different needs, so these can be discussed with the vicar.

Baptism of children from outside the parish will only take place in exceptional circumstances. As a matter of courtesy, the vicar will write to your own parish priest.

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To be able to be married in a church you need legally to fulfil one of the following qualifying connections. Please contact the Benefice Office in the first instance and we can discuss the qualifying connection with you.

1. You were baptised in this parish.
2. You were confirmed in this parish and your name is entered on the registers of either St John’s or St Mary’s.
3. Any of your parents or grandparents were married in this parish.
4. You have ever resided in the Benefice of Boldre and South Baddesley for a period of at least six months.
5. One of your parents has lived in Benefice for at least six months during your lifetime.
6. You have habitually attended public worship at Church of England services in these parishes for at least six months. This can be before the wedding but you must attend for two months before the date of the wedding can be fixed.
7. One of your parents has habitually attended public worship at Church of England services in these parishes for at least six months during your lifetime.

The Minister of the parish is under a legal duty to be satisfied that you can lawfully marry in the parish and therefore you will be asked to provide proof of the qualifying connection. You may find it helpful to read the material on the Church of England website

You will also be expected to attend Marriage Preparation before the wedding.

We are also happy to offer a dedication and blessing service after a civil marriage for people within the parish. This may be as formal and as much like a wedding as far as the service itself goes, or a relatively simple blessing of you as a newly-married couple.

Remarriage of those who have been divorced may take place here, subject to the bishop's approval. In the first instance, please get in touch with the vicar to discuss your circumstances. 

The Church of England is still in the process of clarifying what liturgical provision there should be for same-sex marriages or partnerships.


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